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NüNü is a psychoactive snuff used by the Matsés people of the Amazon and is prepared by blending roasted leaves of mapacho (variety of tobacco) with ashes of the mocambo tree bark (a member of the Cacao family) - both of which are ground to a fine powder. 

This snuff is then blown into both nostrils of the recipient using either a bamboo or bone dispenser. NüNü can cause burning of the nasal passages and eyes, and can cleanse the sinuses cavities with the release of phlegm. Blood rushes to the head and visions may occur. The Matsés experience the future in these visions and communicate with the spirits of plants and animals. 

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Hassan M

In a handful of words, I can describe my experience with Vedanta with: Confidence, Compassion, Presence. I initially came to Vedanta with the intention of deepening my spiritual journey. My expectations were all over the place, and was feeling quite apprehensive in working with these spiritual medicines. My stories were holding me back from continuing embarking towards growth and change. 

Vedanta, warmly reassured me in the process and consistency realigned my expectations of working with Kambo and Bufo. During the journey, I felt seen. I felt heard. Most of all, I felt safe. These medicines can be challenging depending on our willingness to surrender. But don’t worry, Vedanta’s got an arsenal of practices that will open you up to the spirit of Bufo and Kambo.


On a final note, there is immense value in our followup calls. Life isn’t easy breezy after these medicines, but with Vedanta’s guidance, introspective questions, and self love practices, you can be sure things get lighter. 

I leave you with this. Trust and love yourself enough to do this work, and be assured that Vedanta is professional, grounded, and confident enough to hold space for your process.


Mina S

I knew a combined Kambo & Bufo ceremony with Vedanta was going to change my life. I came out of the experience with an elation I have never known and a knowledge I couldn’t have found in a thousand books.


With Bufo I drove a sledgehammer through the wall of resistance I had been carrying all my life. The experience is truly indescribable. As grateful as I was for the ceremony, I was equally thankful that it happened with the safe space and guidance I got from Vedanta.  He isn’t there to simply administer the medicine to you. He journeys with you. He sees what you see, he feels what you feel. He is with you before, during and after. That is the gift that allows him to know exactly what you need for your breakthrough.

He knows just what your soul is calling for and when exactly to provide it.


I can not stress enough, what a difference that support made for me. I know I speak for all of us who have experienced ceremony with Vedanta when I say I am blessed and grateful.


Violaine T

Trust surrender and go with the flow of Vedanta's guidance

Love yourself enough to take the leap

Get over the fear

Prepare with courage as the payback is tremendous

Thanks to Vedanta's Guidance, I moved away from being stuck: having the support, the help, the medicine and feeling truly cared for allowed me to move ahead as I so yearned.

The stickiness left behind for me to experience the purest bliss, true crystalline pure Love, non attachment.

Today, I feel like the flame of the candle, the glowing diamond in the lotus.

With all the boundless love my heart contents. I too truly hope to help others heal sharing this Love with others. Up to me to polish the tools and keep walking the Path from now on...Vedanta's hand near in case I need.

Thank you.
I love you.

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