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Kambo is a frog venom that is known as the ‘Vaccine of the Forest’.  

It is applied through superficial burns on the skin which allows the medicine to enter the lymphatic system.

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Bioactive Peptides

Kambo has many peptides that can cross the blood-brain barrier and stimulate healing pathways in the brain to help addiction, PTSD, neurodegenerative diseases, depression, migraines and chronic neuropathic pain.  

Immune Booster

Kambo has

anti-bacterial and

anti-viral properties which strengthen the immune system and destroys pathogens

Other Health Benefits

Provides a deep cleansing and detox of the physical and emotional body. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and is used for health problems including vascular insufficiency, multi-organ diseases, cancer and fertility.  

The Journey

A Kambo cleansing consists of 3 ceremonies over 3 days within one moon cycle. For first time voyagers, it is important to complete the 3 sessions in order to receive the most benefit. 

Kambo has a cleansing and purgative effect so you can expect to feel nauseous, to vomit and evacuate your bowels as your body and spirit are being cleansed.


Once Kambo is applied to the skin, a feeling of warmth immediately follows. The heart will beat faster and blood pressure will drop slightly. It is a common experience for the throat and face to temporarily swell. The major part of your cleanse lasts for ~10 minutes. Many people report feeling very peaceful immediately after the treatment while others need to rest and process their experience. The entire journey lasts for 2 hours, with an additional 2 hours allocated for rest as required. 

The next day many report feeling amazing while others continue to feel swollen as the toxins wait their turn to be eliminated from the body.

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The Journey
Above the Clouds


  • Follow the recommended dietary guidelines to nourish your body and facilitate the detox

  • Meditate

  • Exercise

  • Do Yoga and Breathwork 

  • Journal and reflect

  • Connect with members of the medicine community

  • Spend time in Nature

  • Read self-empowering literature

  • Express gratitude daily 


  • Kambo extracts many toxins like insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals from our organ systems and fatty tissue. These then get flushed out of our body. Drinking lots of water and eating plenty of greens will help this process. 

  • To further prevent the reabsorption of the toxins after your treatment we recommend supplementing with the potent triple-antioxidant elixir: Carbon 60 (C60), CoQ10 and Shilajit ( This ensures your detox continues even after the kambo treatment and will help anchor your new vibration in preparation for Bufo.

  • To minimize scarring of skin and promote healing of your Kambo medicine gateways we recommend topical application of the C60 elixir. ​


Sofia P

I felt incredibly comfortable in the hands of this wise healer. Vedanta has a very gentle approach with the medicines and serves with so much love, purpose, certainty and confidence. It is imperative for the recipient to feel as comfortable as possible during such a vulnerable experience and Vedanta was able to create such setting so naturally for everyone. 

The thing I appreciated most during my experience with Vedanta was the direction he would give. He would intuitively feel what was going on with each recipient and tended to every one of us with so much care. Whether you are looking to start your journey with plant medicines, or you have experience with using them already, I recommend Vedanta as your practitioner. You will definitely be in the right hands.


Jeremy M

Vedanta has been a facilitator for several of my Kambo experiences. He has a very calm and nurturing energy; an absolute pleasure to work with. Prior to the ceremony, he will work with you to establish your intention, and post ceremony, he makes himself available to help you integrate any insights and lessons learned from the experience. It is clear to me that his sole intention is to inspire healing and growth with whomever crosses his path. I consider Vedanta to be a true healer.


Monica W

I am sharing my experience in gratitude for the loving kindness and professionalism Vedanta personifies. I watched Vedanta serve Bufo to several people over the course of a retreat and finally accepted the medicine myself. My experience was INCREDIBLE and eye-opening. 


Vedanta is an awesome guide and works with the Toad Medicine intuitively and carefully. He deconstructed the experience with me prior to receiving the medicine and afterwards, and he stayed in contact during the integration period. I never felt pushed beyond what I was ready to accept and I am grateful. 


I recommend Vedanta highly because not only is he knowledgeable about each frog medicine but he is FULLY PRESENT for the recipient from start to finish. His attention is focused solely on holding space for the experience of the seeker, their safety and their intention. If you are considering either Kambo or Bufo and are cautiously skeptical like I was, be assured that when you choose to work with Vedanta, you are in exceptional and caring hands. 

Notes of Gratitude

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