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Bufo is also known as 'The God Molecule'. 


It is vapourized and then inhaled which allows the medicine to enter the bloodstream and activate all portals of energy within our physical body so our consciousness can manifest in all of its unbridled glory. 


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The Journey

The medicine is administered through a glass pipe that is heated to allow for the medicine to vapourize. The vapour is inhaled through the mouth with slow, deep and long breaths. Try and keep the medicine in your lungs for as long as possible. Within a few seconds you will feel the medicine embrace you like a gentle, cleansing waterfall. Your journey may be between 15-30min in duration and if needed more medicine can be provided to help you voyage deeper.


The toad medicine will provide you with an experience of unity consciousness and will bring your attention to all that stands between you and your liberation. You will experience the extent to which your limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns create stagnation in all aspects of your life. Discomfort or resistance to these realizations may produce initial responses of fear or anxiety - very natural reactions to the dissolution of the ego. As you dive deep into the infinite expanse of pure love, you may connect with the pure essence of yourself that is boundless, divine and eternal.

The Enlightenment Experience

This unique compound can gift every courageous voyager with experiences of non-dualistic unity consciousness unlike any other. This powerful God molecule can draw to our awareness that which is limiting our ability to experience Nirvana (in Buddhism), Fitrah (in Islam) and Beatific Vision (in Christianity): oneness with the Infinite and unity with God. Surrender to this medicine holds the potential to expand our knowledge of ultimate reality, restore a connection with the Divine and ground our awareness in the experience of infinity. 

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Above the Clouds


This medicine will shed light on areas that you need to dedicate your awareness and effort towards. In the days and weeks following such an experience, you may continue to receive powerful intuition and guidance in the form of vivid dreams, key memories, brilliant insights and profound peace. You are very welcome to maintain an open channel of communication to help you process the experience afterwards and stay connected with a growing community of voyagers who are on the path to self-realization. Other key tips include:

  • Follow the recommended dietary 

  • Meditate

  • Exercise

  • Do Yoga and Breathwork 

  • Journal and reflect

  • Spend time in Nature

  • Read self-empowering literature

  • Express gratitude daily 


Ashley D

Vedanta was an amazing facilitator for Bufo. He held space for my radical release and I was able to release so much ancestral pain with his guidance.


I look forward to attending one of his ceremonial spaces again really soon. He has immense patience, he is very knowledgeable and precise throughout the ceremony.


Thank you for your wonderful service and for the  guidance during my healing.


Mina S

I knew a combined Kambo & Bufo ceremony with Vedanta was going to change my life. I came out of the experience with an elation I have never known and a knowledge I couldn’t have found in a thousand books.


With Bufo I drove a sledgehammer through the wall of resistance I had been carrying all my life. The experience is truly indescribable. As grateful as I was for the ceremony, I was equally thankful that it happened with the safe space and guidance I got from Vedanta.  He isn’t there to simply administer the medicine to you. He journeys with you. He sees what you see, he feels what you feel. He is with you before, during and after. That is the gift that allows him to know exactly what you need for your breakthrough.

He knows just what your soul is calling for and when exactly to provide it.


I can not stress enough, what a difference that support made for me. I know I speak for all of us who have experienced ceremony with Vedanta when I say I am blessed and grateful.


Violaine T

Trust surrender and go with the flow of Vedanta's guidance

Love yourself enough to take the leap

Get over the fear

Prepare with courage as the payback is tremendous

Thanks to Vedanta's Guidance, I moved away from being stuck: having the support, the help, the medicine and feeling truly cared for allowed me to move ahead as I so yearned.

The stickiness left behind for me to experience the purest bliss, true crystalline pure Love, non attachment.

Today, I feel like the flame of the candle, the glowing diamond in the lotus.

With all the boundless love my heart contents. I too truly hope to help others heal sharing this Love with others. Up to me to polish the tools and keep walking the Path from now on...Vedanta's hand near in case I need.

Thank you.
I love you.

Notes of Gratitude

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