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Kambo Practitioner | Bufo Practitioner | Advanced Reiki Healer | Meditation Coach

Through a series of synchronicities and absolute divine guidance I discovered the profound Amazonian medicines which opened me up to a whole new universe of being. I devoted many years working with sacred medicines and assisting at medicine ceremonies under the guidance of compassionate shamans and wise teachers. After having received the calling to be of service to the medicines, it took me a few years to cultivate the self-worthiness to honour the calling. 


I received my Kambo training and certification from Peter Gorman's International Association of Sapo Practitioners under the tutelage of Ananya Maitri who inspires me with her integrity, authenticity and pure heart. It was in the Mexican Sonoran desert that I received my bufo initiation by elders of the Tohono O’odham tribe while ancestors of the sacred land bore witness to my rite of passage.

As a channel for both the sacred frog medicine (Kambo) and divine toad medicine (Bufo) my HIGHEST JOY is to empower you and guide you towards experiences of boundless awareness, infinite love and unity consciousness.

May all be happy! May all be peaceful! May all be liberated!



Kambo Practitioner | Advanced Reiki Healer | Tarot Reader

Sarah found the ancient sacred medicines of the jungle and energetic modalities through her own healing journey.  Having formal training in the sacred application of Kambo medicine by Peter Gorman's IASP as taught by her teacher and mentor, Ananya Maitri, the Amphibian Queen. 


Raised Roman Catholic, she spent most of her youth questioning existence and searching for her purpose, especially after the deaths of her Father and Grandfather. Dabbling for years in Wicca, she eventually found her most authentic path in Shamanism and healing others. Having experienced many of her own traumas and healing from them, she developed a very strong intuition and connection to Spirit which now guides her with divine love and understanding in her healing practice.

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