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Knowing Others is Wisdom,

Knowing Yourself is Enlightenment

- Lao Tzu

Buddha Statue

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the sacred medicines KAMBO and BUFO

Vedanta Ph.D

Kambo Practitioner | Bufo Practitioner | Meditation Coach | Advanced Reiki Healer

As a channel for both the sacred Frog medicine (Kambo) and divine Toad medicine (Bufo), my HIGHEST JOY is to empower you and guide you towards experiences of boundless awareness, infinite love and unity consciousness.


Sacred Medicines

Anchored with Breathwork, Guided Meditation and Reiki Healing

Frog 1.jpg


'Vaccine of the Forest'

Toad 1.jpg


'The God Molecule'



Snuff Tobacco


Loren H

Vedanta is a very powerful healing presence and he inspires his participants to receive medicine healing from a place of love, light and Nirvana. He is a very supportive, loving and kind soul who allows people to feel comfortable and at ease in their experiences while under the medicine and leaves a lasting impact on his participants days, weeks and even months later. He allows his clients to have their experience with the medicine and helps meet them where they are at in their journey. I experienced both assisting him as well as receiving the medicine from him and I highly recommend his gentle, loving approach. If you are nervous receiving medicine or you have never experienced it before, Vedanta will hold your hand through the process and let go where he needs to.


Pik Ching

Vedanta connected with the medicines and read my energy very well and with respect. I felt his support not only physically but also by his energy work as he drew pure light with trust. He explained the process to me so we were on the same page before it started. He provided a safe space to work with the medicine and was attentive and ready to help at anytime. He respected my intuition and my requests. I appreciate his kindness, calmness, compassion and respectful energy for the whole journey. He beautifully lead the circle of 10 participants and helpers as a team to support each other and that’s amazing.



The experience passed through me with ephemeral swiftness, like eternity from a pouring cup.  Emerging, the sky’s blue shone with a clear intensity, the first sign that my channels were open to receive Life.

Vedanta introduced the Toad, laid the groundwork and with professionalism, compassion and skill, led the journey.  Such an experience needs expertise; to tap such energy is to hum in the key of OM.

Like a farmer who prepares the field, Vedanta did his cultivating.  And like the field, the Way of the Toad has its own organic life.  For it really assumed its own energy when all was finished, when on the Ceremonial grounds there only remained the rose petals and footprints, that moment lost in Samsara.  But that moment linked forever to the next, the endless path of Now.

Clear, the energy flowing freely, the clinging of Ego held its stickiness just that little bit less, the understanding that opposition exists only in the mind.  For to be free is to see it thus.  Reborn, realive. 

Notes of Gratitude


“Love is Metaphysical Gravity”

- Buckminster Fuller

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